My iTunes Account was Fraudulently Charged

If you have been fraudulently charged for in-game currency, immediately take the following steps.

  • Go to your iTunes and un-link your credit card information.
  • Contact your credit card company and ask them to stop all transactions.
  • Contact Apple (iTunes) Support and ask them to have your transactions refunded.

Please be aware that SEGA can NOT charge your account. Only the individual with the device's account and password, with individual confirmation, can make app related purchases. Demon Tribes does not have any subscription charges, and any refunds must be made by the credit card company and in coordination with the distributors of in-game purchases: Apple.

As with all credit card security, be careful of fraudulent or phishing schemes that ask you to provide personal information.
Also, SEGA or the Demon Tribes team will NEVER ask for your personal or financial information. 


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